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Why is it Important to Service your Audi?

Audi Services can help in heaps with keeping repair costs low and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free driving experience. Making sure the details are taken care of can go a long way in the maintenance of your Audi. It is effectively about monitoring the health of all the systems that your Audi is made up of and making sure they always run smoothly, short of actual repair.

Regulatory standards for vehicle emissions and fuel economy have become increasingly stringent over the last few decades. With these striSeveral aspects need to be paid attention to when servicing your Audi. The schedule for your Audi’s service may differ slightly, depending on the model of your Audi, but all things will be similarly considered. Nonetheless, it is always important to refer to your vehicle's owner manual for guidance. Here are some of the top priorities:cter regulations, most manufacturers' vehicle engineering and production have centred on implementing various techniques to improve fuel economy and emissions in their vehicles. One solution that manufacturers like Audi have used as the standard transmission in many of their cars is the continuously variable transmission or CVT

Oil changes

Although set at particular kilometres, oil changes in recent years are being encouraged to take place at shorter intervals than what manufacturers advise, to ensure a healthy oil quality in the vehicle. Also, the more demand you place on your Audi in terms of performance, the more you will need to increase the frequency of changes like this in terms of maintenance.

Brake fluid

Because brake fluid will deteriorate with use, it is important to replace this at a schedule as well. The schedule with replacing brake fluid will be more often in the case of high-powered vehicles or where high demand is placed on the performance of your vehicle.

Cabin and Air Filters

In this regard, the season, climate, geography as well as your driving habits will impact the schedule of replacing your cabin and filters. Air filters are needed where air needs to pass through to keep a particular system working, so it is important to keep them clean.

Fuel Filters

The schedule upon which to change the fuel filters will largely depend on the type of engine that you have, being either a petrol or diesel engine. Filters help remove debris from the tank, and because the fuel must flow at a set rate, a clean filter ensures that there are no obstructions. Diesel engine vehicles will require more frequent filter changes than petrol engines

Spark Plugs

Replacing spark plugs is also an aspect that must be attended to upon servicing and will also align with the engine of the particular model. Spark plugs will affect other areas of the vehicle and keep them in good working condition.

Cam Belts and Timing Belts

Cam Belts and Timing belts are also a crucial aspect to look at during servicing as when one of these breaks, it may cause very severe damage to other aspects of the engine, or the entire engine itself. Thankfully these replacements are not required too frequently but are vital to check during an Audi service.

Antifreeze or Coolant Replacement

Antifreeze or coolant replacements must be addressed during servicing as well, or when the particular part is being replaced, such as the radiator, hoses, thermostat, and heater core. With time debris can collect in the coolant and affect its flow, so replacing it is important.

Transmission Services

Transmission service schedules are guided by the owner’s manual, as well as the model of Audi that you own. Paying attention to this schedule can save on very costly repairs.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is also an important aspect to consider upon conducting an Audi service. The benefit of tyre rotation is that it evens out the wear of the tread on tyres, and promotes safety, proper handling, and good vehicle traction on the road.

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