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Why is it important to Service your VW?

When owning a VW, there are certain best practices to keep in mind when it comes to VW services. Guided by the owner’s manual, there are several other considerations to take into account when determining when to replace certain parts or attend to different aspects of the service. Vehicle parts will invariably break and wear down, and so will the fluids deteriorate with time, so monitoring the health of your vehicle at particular points in time is important to ensure its long life and smooth running.

Regulatory standards for vehicle emissions and fuel economy have become increasingly stringent over the last few decades. With these stricter regulations, most manufacturers' vehicle engineering and production have centred on implementing various techniques to improve fuel economy and emissions in their vehicles. One solution that manufacturers like Audi have used as the standard transmission in many of their cars is the continuously variable transmission or CVT

Aspects to Consider When Conducting a VW Service

Here are several aspects to consider when doing your VW service, bearing in mind that the engine and model of your VW will also impact the schedules of the services:

Deteriorating brake fluid can have an impact on the pedal pressure and breaking power, both of which are safety necessities. The health of the brake fluid should be assessed at each service and replaced where necessary.

Oil changes will depend on the use of the vehicle and the kind of demand that you place on the engine. Typically manufacturers will recommend oil changes at particular intervals but more frequent oil changes can assist in the long term, keeping your oil clean and debris free.

Regarding air and cabin filters, it is recommended to pay attention to these filters at each service and not necessarily according to the manufacturer’s schedule. The reason for this is that they are impacted by several aspects, such as climate, seasons, driving habits, and the geography of the area in which your VW operates. The filters are there to do such, ensure that there is an unobstructed flow of air to certain crucial parts of the engine, and regular changes will assist with this greatly.

Fuel filters will also need to be assessed at VW servicing as they perform much the same function as an air filter, ensuring the free flow of fuel, in the case of fuel filters, without any obstruction. Small particles in the fuel can damage a variety of other parts of the engine so the fuel must remain clean. Diesel models will have to have their filters changed slightly more regularly than petrol engines, due to the nature of the fuel.

Replacing spark plugs and checking their health when servicing is important to avoid the situation of the engine misfiring, which could then damage your catalytic converter. Replacing the catalytic converter can be costly and can be avoided if the spark plugs are taken care of when necessary.

Flushing out the coolant is also important in the VW service as debris that accumulates in the coolant can cause blockages which in turn will damage the coolant part. Once damaged, that part will need to be replaced, and it could be costly, where if the health of the coolant is checked at each service, you will indeed avoid this.

Transmission services will be determined by the type of transmission that your particular model has. The owner’s manual for your particular model should be checked for guidance on the transmission service schedule. Adhering to this schedule can also save greatly on the cost of making replacements and repairs.

Cam and timing belts will also need to be evaluated at each service to determine their state of deterioration and need for replacement. A broken belt can cause extensive and costly damage to the engine and although need not be replaced too regularly, it should indeed be checked regularly at each service.

Tyre rotation is important for safety, and to ensure that your vehicle has traction on the road. It is advisable in a VW service that tires be rotated with every second oil change.

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