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How Wheels & Tyres Work

In case you had not noted, wheels and tires are vital constituents of any trailer. Without them, you are not even towing: you are just dragging stuff behind your truck. The idea of the wheel is as straightforward as they come, but that does not mean all tires are made equal. Trailer and automotive tires are not substitutable. They are intended to meet different needs and require a whole set of distinct considerations.

Automotive tires go on steering axles and drive axles. As such, they are made to bear the load and offer the traction that motor-powered revolution and steering need. Trailers, by their very nature, do not have motorized wheels, and most do not have brakes or steering.

If you are in the marketplace for new tires, all of the variables in tire conditions and the confusing jargon you might hear from tire salesmen or ‘experts’ might make your purchase rather nerve-racking. Or perhaps you just want to fully apprehend the tires you already have, the ideas at work, the importance of all of those sidewall markings. What does all this stuff mean in fixed terms? Passenger car tires also have a grade on them as part of the uniform tire quality grading (UTQG) system. You can check the UTQG rating for your tires on this page maintained by the SA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Your tire's UTQG rating tells you two things:

Tread Wear: This number comes from the analysis of the tire in measured conditions on a government test track. The higher the number, the longer you can presume the tread to last. Since no one will drive his or her car on precisely the same surfaces and at the same speeds as the government test track, the number is not a precise pointer of how long your tread will really last. Traction: Tire traction is rated A, AA, B or C, with AA at the top of the scale. This rating is founded on the tire's ability to stop a car on wet asphalt and concrete. It does not specify the tire's cornering ability. Rendering to this NHTSA page, the Radial ATX II and Firestone Wilderness AT tires that have been in the news have a traction score of B. If you are in need of mags or tires for your Audi or VW then please do not hesitate to contact Drew’s Auto Spares for more information in this regard.

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