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How do you keep your Volkswagen running smoothly and in good condition for many years? What are the best practices for VW maintenance? The team at Drew’s Auto Spares offers maintenance parts in addition to VW services in Johannesburg. We understand how important your car is to you, and we're here to help you keep it running smoothly.

The importance of regular VW service

Your car contains numerous parts that must function properly independently and as part of a system. Each system comprises several components and fluids. Unfortunately, all parts and fluids fail and break down over time. As a result, monitoring and regularly maintaining the health of these individual systems, parts, and fluids is critical to keep your VW running at peak performance.

Maintaining the multitude of parts and flushing the fluids at recommended mileage intervals maximises the health of your vehicle and reduces the need for costly or unscheduled repairs.

The optimal Volkswagen service routine

Every engine and car model designed by Volkswagen is slightly different, but the general maintenance schedule is the same. Chat with us if you're unsure whether your car is due for a VW service in Johannesburg.

Changing the oil

Despite VW's claim of 15 000-kilometre intervals, oil changes should be performed every 7 500 or 10 000 km, depending on the vehicle and engine. Many automakers have recently increased recommended oil change intervals in line with improved motor oil quality and technology. They also want to reduce the cost of ownership. However, oil changes should be performed more frequently than the manufacturer's recommended mileage intervals for long-term engine care.

Cabin and air filters

Volkswagen suggests replacing air and cabin filters every 30 000 km. However, drivers must be aware that variables such as geography, season, climate, and driving habits all impact this mileage figure. Clean air and cabin filters are essential because if debris, dust, or other residue restricts airflow, engine components may begin to fail. Drew’s Auto Spares have all the filters you need to maintain your VW.

Fuel filters

Fuel filter replacement intervals differ depending on the engine and whether a petrol or diesel engine powers the vehicle. For example, Volkswagen diesel fuel filters should be replaced every 65 000 km, while petrol models should be replaced less frequently. Remember, fuel filters serve the same purpose as air filters. Tiny particles that enter the engine cause damage to the injectors, high-pressure pumps, and other engine components.

Brake fluid

During a VW service in Johannesburg every 5 000 km or three years, whichever comes first, the brake fluid should be flushed. However, if you own a high-performance VW or a track car, you should change the brake fluid more frequently. Like any synthetic fluid, brake fluid eventually degrades in its chemical composition due to heat, pressure, and time. As a result, the pedal pressure and braking power are reduced, and if not addressed, this becomes a safety issue and may lead to an accident.

Antifreeze replacement

Every 65 000 km or whenever a coolant part is replaced, antifreeze should be replaced. The radiator, thermostat, hoses, heater core, etc., are coolant system components that require antifreeze. Again, small debris particles accumulate inside the coolant system over time. These particles clog or restrict coolant flow if not removed, causing extensive damage to the coolant system.

Spark plugs

Each Volkswagen engine has a different spark plug replacement schedule, which should be followed religiously. The failure of one or more spark plugs or coil packs to ignite correctly is known as a misfire. This can damage the catalytic converter, and replacing the catalytic converter is an expensive repair.

Timing chains and belts

Timing belt replacement is one of the most critical services for a Volkswagen engine based on mileage intervals. Fortunately, timing belt service isn't required all that frequently. In addition, timing chains are less problematic than belts because there is usually a warning. A trouble code typically accompanies physical symptoms like clicking noises or the vehicle running erratically.

Transmission service

The transmission service frequency of a VW varies depending on the transmission type. Consult your owner's manual or Drew’s Auto Spares.

Tire changes

Extend the life of your tyres during scheduled VW service in Johannesburg. Standard automobiles: After every other oil change. SUVs and crossovers: After each oil change. Rotating your tyres regularly ensures the tread wears evenly, ensuring proper traction, handling, and safety.

Sunroof drains

Because many manufacturers do not recommend cleaning your sunroof drains frequently, dealers rarely recommend it. However, the sunroof was not intended to be completely watertight. Within the frame, tracks allow excess water to flow to the front and rear drains. If you park your car outside, especially if there are trees overhead, clean the drains before the spring rains. If you keep your vehicle in a garage, every two or three years should suffice.

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