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Why Regular Oil Changes saves your Car

Engines are made up of many functioning moving parts, and these parts need to be correctly lubricated in order to avoid damage. Pouring oil into the engine provides this function. Over time, the oil breaks down and becomes dirty with dirt and dust from the engine and the environment. When this happens, the oil inside the engine can not do it’s job properly.

Regularly changing your vehicle’s oil will assist the engine to continue working at its best and avoid costly repairs. Below are the top reasons why oil changes are extremely important for your vehicle’s health:

Cools engine components: When the moving parts in the engine lack lubrication, this creates friction and results in creating heat. These components generate heat and will destroy the engine dramatically without sufficient oil lubrication. If you are not certain what your vehicles specific weight and grade of oil it requires, have a look at the vehicles manual.

Improves petrol consumption: A low amount of oil in your engine may result to increased fuel consumption, make sure you have enough oil in the engine.

Removes particles and sludge: Dirt is deadly to engines. After a while, dirt can lead to corrosion and reduce the life of the engine. In addition, as time goes on, oil will soon turn to sludge. Routine oil checks and changes will assist in removing any dirt or sludge and will keep your engine in a long-term running condition.

Assists in vehicle longevity: Simply put, routine oil maintenance will make your vehicle last a lot longer. Build up of oil mugs the vehicles power and fuel economy, making the components work harder. An engine that is working too hard will soon have more problems as well as a shorter life span.

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