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The The Effects of Power Steering

Cars and most trucks in today’s times have power steering. Also, known as power-assisted steering, power steering assists in parking, low-speed driving and a necessity for heavy vehicles. Power steering is exactly what it is called, a power steering system that assists the driver to turn the steering wheel using electric or hydraulic power. Turning the wheel with power involves less effort, some may just assist with a helpful push or do all the work.

Hydraulic power steering setup includes the following:

  • A sensor: This is placed in the steering wheel to detect force. This way, the power steering assists when the driver is turning the steering wheel and the vehicles wheel has not caught up yet.
  • A pump: This is driven by the vehicles engine and raises the pressure of the power steering.
  • A variety of Valves: The valves direct the high pressure fluid metal tubes to either side the steering wheel is turning.
  • Actuators: With the assistance of the high-pressure fluid, this assists in pushing the wheels to either side the driver is turning.

How does Power Steering affect handing?

Designing a power steering system that permits easy maneuvering is difficult when trying to provide good feedback to the driver. Vehicles that have power-assisted steering never feel vibration on the steering wheel, but may be difficult to depict what the wheels are doing.

The main effect of the results on power steering is what happens when the system fails. Though power steering failure is rare, it is important to know what to look out for if this does occur.

There are several reasons for power steering failure:

  • Loss of power may be caused from engine failure or the loss of power on the power steering system.
  • Fluid loss occurs from a sudden leak.
  • Pump failure.

If power steering fails, it is extremely difficult to steer the vehicle. Power steering systems are designed to work with the power assistance and not to be driven without that power. The result of a power steering failing can be frightening when driving fast, as it may feel like the steering wheel has lost control.

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