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What happens when your Vehicle runs out of Oil?

Your engine’s oil is the life blood of your car. It is important for the function of your engine and any lack of oil could possibly lead to extreme engine wear. In addition, driving your vehicle when it is low on oil could also lead to some pretty bad situations.

Running out of Oil If your car runs out of engine oil, your engine will fail. Inside of your car’s engine, there are moving parts with a lot of friction. The oil acts as the lubricant that keeps the parts sliding against each other in a smooth manner, instead of grinding. Your engine will be severely harmed and possibly ruined. Most drivers don’t get a warning about low engine oil until it is too late. Newer models have improved diagnostics tools like an oil pressure sensor, allowing the driver to be alarmed once there is a lack of oil in the engine.

The Importance of Engine Maintenance Dirty oil can also have a negative effect on your engine. Over a period of time, solid or liquid matter may begin to build up in the oil. These specks contribute to scratching the engine parts. Many drivers do manual testing of oil by pulling out the dipstick and checking to feel any hard particles. Exchanging the oil filter is significant because majority of them are only able to go for around 3000 miles, until you are required to change the oil.

Oil Maintenance on Older Cars Exhausting oil is a common concern when a vehicle is getting old. Car’s that are older than 15 years develop a range of problems: the oil leaks out or it may burn off during combustion. Either will lead to a damaged oil tank and may lead you down a path to greater problems. It’s is extremely easy to forget about checking and changing the oil, but it is very importance, especially before and after long trips.

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