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Signs your Gearbox is About to Fail

Gearboxes are some of the most important components associated with your vehicle, no matter what make or model. Transmission systems ensure a smooth drive while assisting to produce ample power when operating your vehicle. Though they are generally built to last, even they may take damage from time to time, especially if the vehicle sees extensive use, is fairly old, or hasn’t undergone services on a regular enough basis. To help you keep yours in optimal condition for longer, we are proud to provide you with a few tell-tale signs that your gearbox is well on its way out, so that you can deal with potential problems in your transmission before they become a serious threat to the operation of your vehicle.

Your Gears Keep Slipping
Gears coming out of place once a gear has been selected is a common sign that your gearbox is in need of immediate service or replacement. Besides this, when your gear slips into neutral during the vehicles operation, you could be putting yourself and your passengers at serious risk. So, for your own safety, and for the ensured condition of your car, be sure to have the transmission inspected and dealt with by a qualified and experienced professional.

A Disengaged Clutch
When your clutch disk fails to disengage from the flywheel it can cause gears to get stuck in manual cars. In such cases, the driver will be unable to shift transmissions since the clutch is still spinning alongside the engine, resulting in an unsettling grinding noise. The good news is that this is generally caused by too much slack on the clutch pedal, and as such is fairly easy and affordable to have fixed.

The Transmission Fluid is Leaking
Transmission fluid and blood have something in common, that when you see it on the outside, it is generally a cause for concern. Leaking transmission fluid is a sure-fire sign that your gearbox is in trouble. Additionally, if the fluid is dark in colour or has a slightly burnt smell, you will need to have it replaced as soon as possible to protect your already struggling gearbox.

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