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What to do when you get a flat Tyre?

First of all, we’ve all been in difficult situations relating to our vehicles and we tend to not have a clue what’s going on. Not everyone’s father was a mechanic and getting something like a flat tyre in a dodgy area is not the best idea. So this would act as a guide to what you actually have to do.

Find the problem
Make sure that you have the car parked a safe distance away from on-coming traffic. Check all the wheels and tires and check which one doesn’t really match the others. It would most probably be the tyre that is damaged and the rim still might be alright. If the rim is damaged, 100% of the time the tyre is gone too and there’s no way of salvaging the actual tyre. If it’s just a small puncture you can save the tyre at any petrol station where you can plug it with a rubber type pencil that fills the gap of the hole and goes a small way to repair the tyre.

Fix the problem
Don’t stress there’s always a backup plan. In the boot of every car is a spare wheel and tools to switching them. There 2 types of tools you’ll need a jack and a wheel spanner. With the wheel spanner, which is shaped like a cross or sword, loosen the wheel nuts of the wheel you’re wanting to take off. Remember to not loosen it completely and then place the jack directly underneath the car in between the side-skirt and undercarriage. Once it’s in, start jacking up the car until a suitable height and remove the wheel and replace it with the spare wheel. Then tighten the nuts and jack down the car.

Additionally, you could have a professional take a look at the problem for you, particularly if the damage is too severe to handle yourself. Contact a representative from Drew’s Auto Spares today.

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