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How does an Audi engine work?

An Audi is a very popular car and it is quite pricey but it is worth every single cent. You will never be disappointed and it is also a very classy car. The adverts that we see on TV make you want to go to the nearest bank and apply for a loan or go to an Audi dealership just for a test drive. An Audi engine is very powerful and it is designed to perfection.

Technical side
A luxury car is an investment in quality and in style. Finding the perfect luxury car to suit your needs and that has a good engine is not difficult at all but you need to have enough funds to be able to pay for the car and maintain it. Audi vehicles have a lighter touch and safety as well and comfort has always been the key concern when it comes to the Audi design. Audi manufacturers always increase the level of comfort and safety.

The engine of the Audi R8 sits at the back with a gearbox ahead of it and it sends torque through the Torsen which is differential towards each of the four wheels. Due to the high performance of the Audi R8, there is a higher percentage of torque that is diverted to the rear wheels and it is approximately a 15:85 split. Audi has created techniques for vehicle bodies that are comparatively 30 kilograms lighter than the old models which make the engine even faster and stronger. The new models have improved systems as well as start-stop and recuperation technologies. This new start-stop system trend to reduce fuel consumption and it also reduces CO2 emissions by switching off the engine when the car is stationary.

Drew Auto Spares
Audi has the best and fast engines that are designed to perfection. There are not a lot of changes to the engine but they are improved and the vehicles are more advanced. Drew Auto Spares specialises in servicing and repairing Audi vehicles and engines. They have a variety of products that will make your car feel brand new. They are good what they do and they are very professional.

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