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What is done during a VW service?

When they need a VW or Audi spare part in Johannesburg, most customers will go to an Audi or VW-authorised dealership because most parts are readily available and can be picked up the same day. Although this may be the ideal way to get the parts you need, it comes at a cost. Parts prices at dealers can be marked up by up to 300%. In addition, they may not always have everything in stock, and it may take several days to get the parts, defeating the purpose if you need a part the same day. Dealerships are also hesitant to provide part numbers because you can use them to purchase the part from an online Audi or VW spare part vendor for a fraction of the price.

Although the dealer's parts are 100% Genuine OEM, they do come at a premium. Most online vendors like Drew’s Auto Spares also stock genuine VW and Audi OEM parts.

When you consider all the components that go into making a single vehicle, it is safe to say that the car manufacturer cannot develop and produce every single component. Most car parts are produced by various independent manufacturers. For example, most automobile manufacturers do not produce their own filters, electrical components, or basic maintenance parts. In this case, generic OEM parts are used. They are identical to the part you would find on your vehicle, but the part numbers and Audi/VW logos are usually removed to make the part "brand neutral."

This enables the manufacturer to produce surplus parts and resell them in the aftermarket, usually at a lower cost. Generic OEM parts are an excellent way to save money on items that would typically cost twice as much.

Furthermore, certain VW and Audi spare parts in Johannesburg can be purchased for a fraction of the price in the aftermarket. The fitment and quality of these Audi and VW spare parts in Johannesburg are identical. They are typically manufactured by companies familiar with the brand and produce other components for those vehicles. As a result, aftermarket parts are typically the least expensive. They are not to be confused with knockoffs.

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Whether you decide to use Audi and VW spare parts interchangeably depends on your needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose when you shop at Drew’s Auto Spares. We stock VW and Audi spare parts in Johannesburg. In addition, we offer comprehensive Audi and VW services and repairs, expert advice and diagnostics to improve your vehicle’s performance.

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