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The Science Behind Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights are a modern and innovative technology that offers improved visibility while driving, especially in challenging road conditions. The technology works by combining two key elements - self-leveling and bi-xenon lights.

Self-leveling headlights are equipped with a level sensor that detects when the car is tilting forward or backward, for example, when driving over a bump. This prevents the headlights from temporarily pointing upwards and potentially blinding other drivers, as is the case with standard headlights. Instead, electric servomotors in the self-leveling system adjust the position of the headlights to ensure they remain pointed towards the road. Self-leveling headlights are mandatory for all new cars in Europe, and are a requirement for all South African vehicles fitted with bi-xenon lights.

Bi-xenon lights are incredibly bright and need to be kept leveled to avoid causing discomfort to other drivers. Adaptive headlights are not yet a standard feature in most cars, but a few companies, such as BMW, Renault, Lexus, and Audi, offer the technology as an optional extra or as standard equipment on certain models.

In the future, we can expect to see even more advancements in headlight technology, including adaptive brake lights. These lights will provide information about the braking force of the vehicle in front, making it easier to anticipate danger and adjust your own driving accordingly. The lights will illuminate normally under normal braking conditions, but when the brakes are applied more forcefully, the lights will shine more brightly, giving a clear indication of the driver's intent.

If you are interested in purchasing adaptive headlights for your Audi or Volkswagen, or would like more information on the technology, please don't hesitate to contact Drew’s Auto Spares.

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