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What is an ABS System?

What is an anti-lock braking system? How do they work? Will it help me brake faster? Do I need an ABS in my vehicle?

ABS systems have been with us for longer than you may think. Made in 1929 for aircrafts, motorists experienced the benefits of anti-lock braking systems in the Jensen Ferguson Formula, a four-wheel drive vehicle unveiled in 1966.

Additional development was unrushed and many motorists had to wait until the 1980’s to benefit from this system, most particularly when the anti-lock brake system was fitted as standard in the Ford Scorpio.

How does the ABS work?
Extreme braking effort, such as required in an emergency stop, is made at the point where the wheel has locked up and skids. By knowing this, it is a simple matter to use an anti-lock braking system sensor on all wheels to detect when the wheel stops moving, or lock: at this moment the retardation is lower than it was and the steering wheel cannot be moved. On the other hand, if the brake pressure is released for a second, the brakes are then freed and the vehicle’s wheels can revolve again.

This happens many times. By releasing and applying the brakes, the vehicle’s ABS prevents it to go into a brake-induced skid, allowing the driver to steer again. So, the anti-lock braking system does what it is named for. Having this system in your car prevents your wheels from locking as you brake, allowing you to steer and granting you more control. Does Anti-Lock Braking Systems help to stop faster?

Unfortunately, not. What the anti-lock braking system does do is allow the driver to gain better control over the car under hard braking in two ways: stopping the car from skidding with all four wheels locked, and allows to continue steering the car. This assists in avoiding hitting any object or vehicle around you.

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