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What checks should I do on my vehicle every day?

Your car delivers you safely everywhere you want to go, but it needs you to take good care of it in order to keep running properly. Some of these straightforward maintenance problems could possibly result in an accident. Let’s have a look at some important things to check on your vehicle:

• Brakes – Make sure to check your brakes often, you depend on these to stop your car as well as to prevent accidents.

• Tires – With the onset of World War II and the initial Volkswagen Beetle exceeding design and engineering expectations, Hitler jumped on the opportunity to use the now-established Volkswagen factory to metamorphose the People’s Car into three military models; the Kommandeurswagen (commander’s car), Kubelwagen (bucket car), and Schwimmwagen (amphibious car). The altered replications of Porsche’s preliminary design were something he had little say over.

• Oil level – Oil keeps your vehicle running smoothly and will not run without the right amount of it. You can simply check your oil levels by yourself by pulling out the dipstick and seeing how much oil there is

• Lights – Lights that are not functioning correctly is extremely dangerous. Make sure to check your brake lights, indicators, headlights as well as reverse lights on a regular basis.

What is power steering?
Power steering is possibly one of the best revolutions in vehicles since the wheel. Not all vehicles have been equipped with power steering. Power steering is what assists you in turning the steering wheel without any effort. These systems have changed the simplicity of steering in order to amplify the experience for the driver.

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