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Typical symptoms of suspension issues

Suspension problems might be challenging to identify. The symptoms are often obvious but determining the root of the problem is a different story. For example, shocks, struts, springs, tie rods, and ball joints that are faulty or damaged may wreak havoc on your vehicle and make it unsafe to drive.

By paying careful attention to how your car behaves and what you hear, you can solve any issues as they emerge.  A company like Drews Auto Spares has a comprehensive inventory of Audi and VW parts to ensure you get the right replacement components for your Audi or VW. In addition, they offer expert advice and diagnostics to improve your vehicle’s performance.Now, let’s consider some of the typical indications of suspension problems in your car.

Pulling to one side while driving

The most typical symptom of suspension problems is your car pulling to the left or right. It might also be one of the most challenging issues to detect without the assistance of an expert. The cause may be one of several, including uneven tyre pressure and tire wear. The best way to prevent these issues is to ensure your car’s tyres are perfectly aligned for toe-in, caster, and camber. In addition, poor alignment can result in lower fuel efficiency. Other common causes include sticking brake callipers, a bad tie rod, or a faulty steering rack.  With potholes prevalent across South Africa, driving through one, particularly at speed, may affect the alignment. Additionally, if you experience suspension problems following such an incident, it’s possible that something was damaged.

Experiencing every bump in the road

A difficult ride clearly indicates that your shocks or struts are worn and need to be replaced. Likewise, when every bump on the road causes your car to bounce, you have suspension problems and should get them looked at immediately.  Try the bounce test. When your car is parked, place all of your weight on the front end, let go, and see how the vehicle reacts. If it bounces back and forth three times or more, the shocks and/or struts are worn and need to be replaced.

As the name implies, shock absorbers are the primary cause of your automobile feeling "bumpier" than before. They're intended to keep your wheels on the road. If they don't, the automobile will bounce about erratically. Shocks contain fluid that dampens the bouncing. When they leak, the absorbers' performance declines, and they finally fail.  When your car is on level ground, but one corner sits lower than the others, you’ve likely got a damaged spring. In addition, you may notice a clunking noise when going over bumps, and cornering could be compromised because a damaged spring can't support the weight.  The easiest way to diagnose spring problems is by pushing down on the car's trunk, releasing, and listening to how the suspension reacts. You definitely have a suspension problem with the shocks, springs, bushings, or related parts if you hear a creaking or squeaking sound.

Your car nose dives, leans back, or rolls

Shocks or struts may need to be replaced if you detect any of the following problems:

  • When you brake, your car's "nose dives" (leans forward).
  • When you turn a corner, your car "rolls" to the side (leans side-to-side).
  • During acceleration, your vehicle "squats" (leans backwards).

Naturally, extreme handling may drive these events even in a car with a new suspension system.

Difficult steering

If steering is difficult, particularly when you’re driving slowly, you might have a suspension problem. Sometimes it may feel like the steering is “slipping” when you turn the wheel or hold it in a turned position. However, various components in your power steering system could cause these issues. This includes low power steering fluid, leaking power steering rack, worn or loose power steering belt, worn control arm bushing, or faulty power steering pump.

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